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Out of This World: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creation

I only have one thing to tell you: stick to the concrete, and always return to it. Multiplicity, ritornello, sensation, etc., are all developed into pure concepts, but strictly speaking, they are inseparable from the passage from one concept to another. This is why we must avoid giving one term ascendancy over the others: every notion must drag in all the others, in its turn, and when the time is right .... The more gifted a philosopher is, I believe, the more he or she tends to leave the concrete behind, at least in the beginning. Resist this tendency, at least from time to time, just long enough to come back to perceptions, to affects, which will redouble your concepts. (Deleuze, 2006: 363)

London and New York: Verso. ISBN-10: 1-84467-555-6.Little Affect: Hallward's DeleuzeGregory J. Seigworth