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If I Can Dance

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Since 2006 If I Can’t Dance has organized reading groups on feminism (2006-2008), masquerade (2008-2010) and affect (2010 – 2012). Taking as point of departure a spirit of exchange and open-ended discussion, the Reading Group aims to facilitate a space for in-depth debate, unexpected links and creative disagreement.
    The Reading Group upholds the following set of rules:
    In the spirit of an open-ended discussion:
    1) There is no audience. We do not need to ‘perform’ this reading group.
    2) You do not need to speak from a fixed position. You are not here as a representative of anything or anyone else.
    3) Say anything… This is all about making the u-turns needed to discover common points of reference.
    From: Annie Fletcher & Sarah Pierce, ‘The Paraeducation Department’, Witte de With /TENT, 2005.