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O inverno se aproxima para as tricoteiras de plantão

O meu turbante anos 40 já está em produção. Parece impossível, mas com as agulhas na mão dá para seguir a bula sem maiores problemas. Eu uso uma técnica que aprendi com o Herr Below, meu professor no ginásio: quando surgir uma dúvida, interprete livremente, ignore e siga adiante. Costuma funcionar.

Materials: 2 ounces of Paton Beehive Fingering, 3-ply; a pair of knitting pins No. 10.
Tension And Measurements: Worked at a tension of 7 sts. to the inch in width, the turban will fit a head measurement of 22 inches, but from these direc­tions a cap of any size can be made, by repeating the sections accordingly. These form the skull-cap, and the bandeau is worked separately and sewn on.
Abbreviations (To Be Read Before Working): K., knit plain; p., purl; st., stitch; s.s., stocking-stitch (k. on right side and p. back).

To Work The Cap
Begin at the centre-front and cast on 40 sts., which determines the depth of the cap. K. 1 row into the back of the sts. * K. 18, turn and k. back ; k. 20, turn and k. back;. k. 22, turn and k. back.
K. 18 rows more in this way, working 2 sts. more on every alternate row, when all 40 sts. will have been worked.
Repeat from * 9 times more, then cast off.

The Bandeau
This is worked in bands in s.s., the first 12 rows having the purl side facing, and the next 8 rows the right side facing. Cast on 240 sts. and k. 1 row into the backs of the sts.
Work 12 rows in s.s., begin­ning with a p. row.
Work 8 rows, beginning with a k. row and ending with a p. row.
Work 8 rows, beginning with a p. row. Repeat the last 16 rows once more, then 4 rows more on the last band. Cast off loosely.
Note that the 3 rolls with the p. side facing form the right side of the bandeau.

To Make up the Turban
With the same wool sew the cast-on edge to the cast-off edge of the cap, be-ginning at the face edge, then run through the sts. at the centre, and draw up. Place the cap on the head with the seam at centre-front, and pin the centre of the bandeau to the centre-back of cap. Bring an end round each side and twist once at the front; carry the ends back and sew them under the band about level with the ears. Take care to keep the 3 p. rolls uppermost. Stitch the lowest roll loosely to the cap edge, leaving about 2 inches unattached under the front twist. At the back loosely stitch the second k. band to the cap.