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Você, Vivienne Westwood e o tartan

"I'm not interested in tailoring,
but in the pull and push of
the garment against the body"
Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is famous for her witty re-interpretations of historical dress and textiles. She is a great fan of british fabrics and crafts. She has used traditional scottish tartans for many years - from bondage trousers to tailored suits. She even designed her own tartan for her Anglomania collection, winter 93/4, made by Lochcarron. It was named MacAndreas after her husband Andreas Kronthaler.
Some history:
Patterned woollen cloth used for kilts has been popular in Scotland for hundreds of year. Patterns were standardised during the 1800s when factory made tartans became popular. Certain patterns are traditionally associated with clans, although the history of the patterns is quite complex. Tartan patterns are created by the use of different coloured wool for the warp (the vertical threads on a loom) and the weft, which goes left to right in the weaving.
(fonte: v&a museum)